Upper Valley Digital Archeological Survey

Upper Valley Digital Archeological Survey

Project Description

Imar Engineering Consultants specializes in providing consultancy services to support the ambitious NEOM project. The scope of work is limited to the Rock Art Drawing area, which encompasses a large expanse of rocks. This area hosts hundreds of petroglyphs and rock art, making it a focal point for archaeological studies. The scope includes surveying the area, documentation, archaeological surveys, and the preparation and submission of reports.

The requirements for archaeological services in this project involve a study that includes a literature review and aerial photography of the region, outlining the methodology for site investigation and analysis. This encompasses the removal of current protective sandbags and investigating the drawings through laser scanning of the Rock Art Drawing area and surrounding rocks.

Portable X-ray fluorescence (PXRF) analysis for rock art is then conducted, followed by the analysis and reporting of the results. Imar has also conducted topographic surveys using unmanned aerial vehicles and Photogrammetry/3D modeling, complementing efforts to achieve a detailed study of heritage sites.





Project Date


Project Duration

3 Months