Rapid Ecology Survey

Project Description

Imar Engineering Consultants is considered one of the leading companies in providing specialized environmental consulting services, effectively contributing to supporting the ambitious NEOM project.

The company conducts rapid and archaeological environmental surveys, along with surveys to measure noise and dust levels, providing detailed reports and maps according to environmental standards in NEOM. Imar Engineering Consultants stands out with a team of global experts in this project, executing comprehensive environmental surveys to identify important environmental elements such as wildlife, birds, and plants. Tasks include conducting surveys for trees and shrubs, preparing a study for their relocation, and determining their quantity.

Imar Engineering Consultants also conducts surveys for spiny-tailed lizards and provides a comprehensive study report. Additionally, Imar Engineering Consultants conducts heritage and archaeological surveys, monitoring dust and noise levels in line with NEOM’s requirements.





Project Date


Project Duration

3 Months

Rapid Ecology Survey