STC Projects

STC Projects

Project Description

Imar provided supervision services for projects related to improving the environment in the main buildings and branches of the company in various regions of the Kingdom. These services included all aspects of furnishings, architectural, electrical, and civil works. The efforts began with presenting the initial conceptual design for the project, showcasing ideas and proposals to enhance the working environment in the buildings and locations. 

Subsequently, the design was developed and improved through the design development phase, incorporating suggested modifications and additional enhancements. The final design for the project was prepared, including detailed specifications for various tasks.
Upon completion of the design phases, the tendering and contractor qualification phase commenced, with suitable contractors selected for project execution.

Once the implementation began, Imar assumed the role of overseeing the project execution to ensure compliance with the final design and specified specifications. Monitoring all aspects related to furnishings, architectural, electrical, and civil works, the design of new buildings and the improvement of the environment in existing buildings aim to provide comfortable and suitable workspaces for employees.


Dammam, KSA



Project Date


Project Duration

24 Months