Jadeedat Arar Port

Jadeedat Arar Port

Project Description

Supervising the implementation of Jadeedat Arar Port. Imar’s efforts have focused on several critical aspects to ensure the success of the project and the achievement of specified goals. High quality of the executed work has been ensured, with the project being carried out according to specified engineering standards and utilizing the best available materials and technologies.

Imar’ adherence to a strict timeline for project completion has also been verified, with regular progress monitoring to ensure timely delivery. The company is committed to effective and continuous communication with all stakeholders, such as contractors, clients, and relevant government authorities, to ensure alignment of all aspects and smooth collaboration between parties.

Diligent efforts have been made to comply with environmental, health, and safety standards at all project stages. Necessary precautions have been taken to preserve the surrounding environment and provide a safe and healthy working environment for workers and all involved individuals.


Jadeedat Arar, KSA


Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA)

Project Date


Project Duration

36 Months


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