Green Kingdom Studies Project and the Executive Action Plan for Afforestation

Green Kingdom Studies Project and the Executive Action Plan for Afforestation

Project Description

Imar Engineering Consultants is currently leading the alliance in the Green Kingdom Studies Project and the executive action plan for afforestation. This project aims to develop the strategic and guiding plan to achieve the goal of afforesting 10 billion trees in the Kingdom. Imar is conducting comprehensive studies and field visits to assess the environment, applying the latest innovations and technology in sustainable afforestation. The company is also working on developing the strategic plan and guiding documents for implementation, creating a dynamic geospatial platform for the project, and modeling suitability.
Imar is establishing a partnership management plan with various sectors and a media communication plan to ensure the successful implementation of the project and promote awareness of the importance of environmental conservation and improvement. Environmental project implementation is an integral part of Imar’s strategy.
The company is dedicated to applying modern practices and techniques in its environmental projects, focusing on sustainability and maintaining ecological balance. Imar strives to achieve the global goal of sustainable development and enhance the quality of life through its innovative environmental projects.



National Center for Vegetative Cover Development, NCVC

Project Date


Project Duration

24 Months