Celebrating Twenty Years of Excellence


The first Umrah trip for the Office IMAR,Urban Consultants

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Starting from our social responsibility and our interest to strengthen social ties and loving and brotherly relations.

IMAR,Urban Consultants had organized an Umrah  trip to its employees, their families and guests outside the office last week weekend. There were about 80 persons went on this trip, and If god wills, It will the first of upcoming  continuous  trips. In related to this trip, Eng.Osama Husny said:”I felt special  in this campaign from the first moment I saw Eng.Khaled Al Othman saw us off. It all comes from his care which left a big impact on us. Also, when I saw everyone compete to do  good wells which made us feel as one team and one family. All this continues with Ms. Sarah Al Shehri and Mr. Abdul jalil Al Attab continuous efforts to serve us and ensuring everything goes smoothly.”

From one of the families on the trip, Eng.Ali Allam described the trip saying:”Although, my family and I go to Umrah regularly, this time was different. We had lived in a family, loving, understandable and collaborative atmosphere.”

One of the advantages of the trip is meeting new families and persons and the organizational level by the organizers which satisfied both young and adults.