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Urban Planning and Design

Urban planning is considered as one of Imar’s core competencies. Our approach to urban planning is to provide economically viable and socially and environmentally responsive solutions for the working and living environments of the community. We are of the firm opinion that a well-planned and well-designed urban environment will enhance the livability of our urban spaces and improve the quality of life of its users. Considering this, our urban planning and urban design specialists collaborate with clients and stakeholders to deliver integrated urban spaces that enhance the well-being and lifestyle of its users while also focusing on the interconnected urban systems such as transport, energy and waste.


Architectural Design

Our aim at Imar is to be recognized by our clients and architectural fraternity as one of the leaders in the field of architecture design. We constantly strive for architectural excellence and relevance within the context of responsible development. Aside from our drive to add value to our clients’ investments, we also strive to enhance the users experience of the architecture we design and produce. Its rich workplace environment, creative independence and diversity of projects, makes Imar the employer of choice for young and ambitious architects.


Engineering Design

At Imar, we provide complete building design solutions with our team of highly qualified structural, electrical and mechanical engineers. We aim to provide excellent engineering consultancy and design services. We constantly strive to exceed the expectations of our clients by providing cost effective and integrated engineering solutions in compliance with the highest construction standards and using the latest developments in software technology.


Quantity Survey

At Imar we offer Quantity Survey services that comprise of cost management, value engineering and tender evaluation. The quantity survey team works in close coordination with the design team to ensure that the project meets budget and design expectations. Our team is capable of providing detailed project cost planning, on-site budget monitoring, fee proposals, value engineering, tender and contract document preparation and tender evaluation.


Project & Construction Management

The Project Management department of Imar is committed to understanding the needs and expectations of a client and his project and is dedicated to developing an approach that allows successful completion of all aspects of the project. The highly experienced project management professionals are involved in preparing the required contractual documents, assisting the client in contractor nomination, following the work being executed on site and ensuring its completion as per the client’s expectations and within the contractual boundaries and representing the client’s interests in general on the path to realizing his vision for the project.


Interior Design

The Interior Design department of Imar provides specialized comprehensive interior design and space planning solutions with a client centered approach. Our interior design projects combine aesthetics with function, environmental consideration and client satisfaction. Our team comprising of highly experienced as well as young interior designers utilizes their flexible range of modern and traditional concepts and ideas, recognizes the individual personality of each private space and turns it into a visual reality.

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Landscape Design

The Landscape design department at Imar provides up-to date  landscape design services and specializes in integrating landscape with architecture. In all projects involving landscape design, we make sure to design and construct ecologically in order to provide sensitive and functional outdoor spaces.


Construction Supervision

Imar considers construction supervision as one of its core competencies and has gained extensive experience in this field over the years. The supervision department works in close collaboration with all other teams on a project site to ensure smooth progress of work and timely achievement of objectives. The services provided by the construction supervision department include construction monitoring and coordination, assistance in procurement services, coordination between clients and contractors and site supervision. Our extensive experience in the field and our commitment to providing quality works help to reduce the technical risks of the client, prevent construction errors and ensure that the project is completed within the stipulated budget and time.