Celebrating Twenty Years of Excellence


Our Vision

An Institutional, Responsible and Pioneering hub Offering Professional Services towards a Sustainable Development.

Our mission

To offer Creative Urban and Engineering Solutions towards a National Sustainable Development within an Institutional Integrated Catalytic Work Environment that adopts principles of  Localization, Team Work, Work Ethics and Knowledge Transfer and Adaptation and characterized by Professionalism, Loyalty, Professional Responsibility and Social contribution aiming to achieve Staff and Clients Satisfaction.


Our values

The core values of Imar comprise of:

  • Relationships – We value and invest in new and ongoing relationships with our clients, partners  and team members.


  • Respect – We are committed to an attitude of respect in all our interactions.


  • Integrity – We are dedicated to upholding our reputation of honesty and integrity in all our business relationships.


  • Consultation – We respect and listen to community needs to achieve integrated solutions for projects.


  • Environment – We seek to have a positive impact on the environment in which we work, live and operate.


  • Vision – We are committed to looking beyond challenges to designing solutions.


  • Continuous Development – We seek to continually improve through education and research.


  • Contribution – We strive to promote a healthy work environment and set an excellent example for the society by employing qualified women as leaders and professionals.