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Annual Iftar for Imar employees

Monday, July 22, 2013

the Office of Imar for consulting urban on Monday July 22, 2013 had an annual Ramadan Iftar for office staff and brother companies, ( associates ) in the Courtyard Marriott Hotel , comes this celebration of the belief of the Company’s management virtues of the month of Ramadan , and in honor of its employees , tolerance and giving and activate the friendly relationship between the staff of the office in this holy month , which embodied the values ​​and meanings to communication and one family among the staff ,

After After the completion of the Iftar dinner was the opening ceremony, public relations professor / Arwa Bukaire Threw a word to staff , which welcomed the distinguished guests and staff and offer congratulations holy month of Ramadan

This was followed by the word Eng.Khalid Al -Othman and thanked the audience for accepting the invitation, Al-Othman also spoke about the experience of the women’s department and office expansions in the women’s section

and then Generosity of the employees who are women also spent five years Mrs. Sarah Alshahri and Eng. Hiba Manaawi gift and thanked them for their efforts and contribution in the office.

As well as the generosity Engineer / Khalid Al-Othman employees who quit smoking during the campaign, which was brought by the Office of Imar in collaboration with the Association of Nakaa they are Eng.Badr Al -Sharif and Mr. Anwar Sabri Eng.Haytham Abdel-Rahim and Eng. Osama Abdul Hamid Othman and Mr. Yunus ,

This was followed by the word Director of exchange and treasury Mrs. Sarah Alshahri , where she spoke about the Fund Takaful and the keenness of the Office of Imar on the development of the spirit of cooperation between members of the office and indicated that the Fund Takaful goal interdependence rather than interest also invited who have not yet joined the Fund promptitude of the Order for the development of the spirit of solidarity among the team Then Khalid Al –Othman Generosity of  Takaful members of the Fund , Mrs. Sarah Alshahri Eng. Shirin, Eng. Abdul Jalil Attab on Mapzloh of good efforts in the Takaful Fund In closing ceremony were thanked the audience to accept the invitation

Finally we thanks god for Ramadan and ask god for Health and wellness to all staff.